Student Tours

If you are a student travel agent or a school travel manager looking for meaningful student tours, or considering a school trip to China, we are delighted you have found us. We have many years’ successful experience in designing and handling student group tours in China for students ranging from primary schools to universities.

Features of our Student Tours include:

  • Safety-first principle implemented in every aspect, especially in activity arrangements;
  • Differentiated services and itineraries tailored for students’ ages and interests;
  • Creative activity ideas to be entertaining and targeting the learning goals;
  • On-site nurses and photographers are available on request;
  • Experienced backup team to manage the contingencies during the tour operations.

The following are some of our sample Student Tour itineraries:

Beijing Student Tour (Ages 8 to 12)
This is a Summer holiday tour we have organized for an internatinal school in Beijing. The students are aged from 8 to 12 years old, with mixed nationalities. Activities are organized to suit their ages.
Guilin Student Tour (Ages 14 and over)
This is a summer tour we organized for an international school in Tianjing. Students aged from 14 – 17 enjoy a variety of activities and touring experience, incl. rice terrace trekking, kayaking, water cave adventure, culture learning, and culture performance.
Xi’an Student Tour (Ages 8 and over)
This tour was organized for a US high school. The tour theme was focused on culture and history learning. Simulated archeology activities are arranged on the site of the Terracotta Warriors.

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